Golden Boy



Location: CBD

Why I love it:

  • My favourite Thai food place!
  • The food and drinks here are seriously amazing
  • It’s got that grown up and stylish bar vibe

What to get:

(Everything is designed to share)

  • ‘Tuk Tuk’ share menu – which provides you with pre-selected entree, mains and dessert items- not only great value for money but I left sooooo full!
  • Roti with Pandan Custard – a dessert hard to get out of my mind


  • There’s definitely a botanic vibe, with it’s mostly white interior and brown furnishings – I especially love the wall art (which looks like random doodling on the walls)
  • Thai food with a modern twist and Asian-inspried cocktails make for delicious looking pictures

Note: It’s not the biggest place and it’s ALWAYS booked out. So make sure to make a reservation.

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