Martini Restaurante

74449816-2D23-4D18-A306-E7E18D7A9FA8MARTINI RESTAURANTE

Location: The Parade

Why I love it:

  • Beautiful and welcoming dining area
  • Authentic Italian food with a modern twist
  • Friendly and attentive staff

What to get:

  • Anatra (Duck Gnocchi) – [pictured – at the bottom] the homemade gnocchi is so perfectly cooked and fluffy, and duck and mushroom ragu goes so well with it
  • Bomboloni de Banana – banana donuts filled with chocolate in the middle, so good!


  • With the new fit out and boasting a subdued teal and tan furnishings – the interior looks sophisticated and refreshed
  • The food is beautifully presented on rustic plates

Note: There’s a private function room away from the dining area perfect to celebrate any occasion


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