Pane E Latte

28128848-C405-4DDA-94ED-CA12C3178629PANE E LATTE

Location: Broadview

Why I love it:

  • Modern Italian twist on brunch
  • Cute suburban cafe near my parents place yay! (so hard to find ones up North East way)
  • Matteo (the owner) is so fun and charismatic (but please don’t ever make me say menu items in Italian – my accent is terrible lol)
  • Open kitchen so you can see the magic happen
  • Brunch cocktails are available here ooo!

What to get:

  • Tiramisu pancakes – omgosh the chocolate/coffee sauce is amazing!!
  • Benedetto – (Eggs Benedict) love how the usual ham and hollandaise sauce has been replaced with pancetta and rosemary bernaise
  • Scamorza E Funghi – (mushroom big breakfast)


  • Such a vibrant cafe with cute retro chairs and tables adds to the suburban-vibe and the colourful wall art on the walls are actually for sale
  • Food is beautifully presented, and as delicious!

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